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Friends, today I am going to tell you, how you can make your website content safe and secure. Because it is very important to protect and secure the website, it is very difficult to secure the design, content, pics and friends of the website, because you friends do not know why the content, design and whatever things remain from your website. Yes, who is he copying, but friends, according to me, all this comes under cybercrime.


Short Talk

Hi friends, let us learn today how you can protect your website with Power Fool Content Protector, your blogger website. Friends, this powerful content protector script blocks all right click disabled, disabled view page source option, and copy content can save your website and images from being copied.

In today’s time, many people come to our website just to copy our content, in such a situation you lose your Google ranking which is your traffic which comes from Google. You people do not need to worry, I am giving all of you Powerful Content Protector which will keep your website secure. If you want to know more then read this article completely.

What’s About Content Protector

This content protector script has been created to protect all the content and images of your website. With the help of this content protector script, you can secure both your Blogger and WordPress website. Our content protector tool gives all these features.

  • ✔️ This disables the right click.
  • ✔️ It hides “view page source code of your website” because with its help it can see your code.
  • ✔️You can secure pictures and images of your website.
  • ✔️You can disable Perfectly Copy Paste.

Usases of the Content Protector in Blogger

  • ✅ Friends, with this you can disable right click on your blogger website.
  • ✅ If a user wants to view the page source on your website, he will not be able to see it.
  • ✅ This script will not allow any user to copy content from your website.
  • ✅ No one can copy images on your blogger.

Prons and Cons of Content Protector in Blogger

Prons :-

1. Protects your website.
2. Protects content from theft.
3. Blocks right click.

Cons :-

1. Slows down your website a bit.
2. Doesn’t even work in some blogger’s themes.

Message –

As you all have not seen that you are going to design your theme then first of all keep backup of your theme because if we have any in theme then we can improve it.

How to add the Content Protector on Blogger

Disable Text Selection

This is the first step, after doing this you can block the text selection and then our content will be saved from being stolen, and content thieves will not be able to copy it.

Friends, you have to copy the code given below, and paste it above the ]]></b:skin> tag Have to do.

            /* Anti Copy Paste by Techy Shreya*/
.Blog pre code {display:block;padding:0;white-space:pre;font-family: 'Fira Mono', monospace;user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text
.Blog code {display:block;padding:0;white-space:pre;font-family: 'Fira Mono', monospace;user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text
/* Anti Copy Paste by Techy Shreya*/

Disable the Left Mouse Key

We have given this code. You can restrict the left mouse function on all your posts, this is necessary because many people copy the content of our website by dragging and opening any post with the left function button of the mouse.

You have to copy the code given below and paste it just above the </head> tag.

Now Copy the code and Paste it on Theme Section

            /* Anti Copy Paste by Techy Shreya*/
 <style type="text / css">
body {
     -webkit-touch-callout: none;
     -webkit-user-select: none;
     -moz-user-select: none;
     -ms-user-select: none;
     -o-user-select: none;
     user-select: none;
 /* Anti Copy Paste by Techy Shreya*/

Disable Right Click Key

It is possible that the content of your post can be copied through your view source. I have already written a post on this, you can easily apply it after reading it.

Required : How to Disable Right Click on Blogger and WordPress Website


If you have just disabled the right click option on blogger but still it is possible that the user can see your view page source easily and that too just by pressing Ctrl+U on your keyboard and pressing these two buttons. And the thieves who happen can easily see the view page source of our website without any problem, so our answer is that let’s first turn off the option of Ctrl+U. But the thing is, how and in what way, you don’t need to worry, I will tell you a simple trick, which will be a JavaScript.

Step 1: – First of all you have to go to Blogger Blogger.com and on that click on your Blogger Have to login with account.

Step 2: – You have to select the theme option and click on Edit HTML.

Step 3: – Now you have to search the </head> tag and that too Ctrl+f (Windows) and for Mac you Cmd+F

Step 4: – You have to copy the code given below. and paste it just above the </head> tag Have to take

            <script type="text/javascript">
document.onkeydown = function (cc) {
var message="Content is protected\nYou cannot view the page source.";
if(cc.which == 85){
return false;
if(cc.which == 86){
return false;
if(cc.which == 67){
return false;
if(cc.which == 117){
return false;
if(cc.which == 123){
return false;
if(cc.which == 73){
return false;
if(cc.which == 80){
return false;

Step 6: – Now your blogger website is ready for right click disabled and view page source.

Setup Image Protection Script on Blogger

Step 1: – First of all you have to go to your Blogger dashboard.

Step 2: – Now you have to come to the theme section and you have to click on Edit HTML .

Step 3: – You have to copy the code given below. And it has to be searched for </head> tag and Just paste it on top of that.

           <script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
/* Widget Script by Techy Shreya/ */
function nocontext(e) {var clickedTag = (e==null) ? event.srcElement.tagName : e.target.tagName;if (clickedTag == "IMG") {return false;}}document.oncontextmenu = nocontext;//]]></script>

Step 4:- Friends, after doing all the work, do not forget to save the theme.


Friends, in today’s post I told you how you can protect the content on your Blogger website or WordPress website from being copied and stolen and you can also hide the source on your view. Friends, how did you like today’s post? Please let us know by commenting. If you guys face any problem, you can contact us through Telegram group or contact us Page. Thanks friends.

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