How to Install Safelink in Plus UI Templates For Blogger

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Hello friends, if you all are looking for the safelink script for Plus UI theme then you do not need to look anywhere else, and you want to be able to easily add your safelink to the theme, then we will help you. We will tell you how to put the safelink script in Plus UI Blogger theme. I will also teach you how to use it in your blog post in a very easy way.

This safelink generator script automatically turns any of our Links into modified Links. Any website that uses safelink will have to follow some steps before reaching the final destination to Finds your link. This is the technique of Safelink which is used in many blogs, that too along with the content, which is used to Get any file, because this increases our earning revenue.


Whichever advertisement publisher increases our revenue by showing their ads on Safelink, why do they do so and what is the benefit to them from it and why do we only create and use Safelink widget, it is because if we also want to boost our earnings. So, we will have to place ads of some ads publisher on our safelink page, only then we can increase our earnings, this safelink is only for blogger theme and it will work on all websites, and not only blogs. Along with this, your content will also be visible in the safelink, I will tell you the whole process step wise, you have to do it in the same way so that your safelink works on your blog website, let us start.

Before starting this work, we have to take a backup of our theme so that if any mistake occurs, we can solve it with the help of the backup theme.

If you want to apply Safelink script for Plus UI Blogger theme, then you have to carefully follow all the steps which are given below. 

Now we have come to the right place of our article, how can we install the safelink script for Plus UI Blogger theme, for that you have to copy and paste the JavaScript codes given below.

  1. You have to copy the code given below which is in JavaScript form and paste it before the <!–[ </body> close ]–> tag.
    /*<![CDATA[*//* Safelink Script by Tech Shreyansh*/
    function _0x4001(){var r=["indexOf","fromCharCode","248082FnFLPu","2dyVCwX","851934NCaRZc","1464344UJimDR","255DsMQPg","13242QFkwLe","472829bEwnSk","24WKgyRt","3319965YzkqUw","10ZsypoO","875633sYiivu","MNBVCXZLKJHGFDSAPOIUYTREWQmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq0987654321+/=","_utf8_enc","charCodeAt","_keyStr","charAt","replace","length"];return(_0x4001=function(){return r})()}function _0x2f39a2(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-544,n)}function _0x3fd0(r,n){var t=_0x4001();return(_0x3fd0=function(r,n){return t[r=+r]})(r,n)}!function(){function r(r,n){return _0x3fd0(n-107,r)}var n=_0x4001();function t(r,n){return _0x3fd0(n-241,r)}for(;;)try{if(213392==+parseInt(r(105,107))*(-parseInt(r(107,108))/2)+-parseInt(r(99,109))/3+parseInt(r(116,110))/4+parseInt(r(116,111))/5*(-parseInt(t(255,246))/6)+parseInt(t(249,247))/7*(parseInt(r(109,114))/8)+parseInt(t(258,249))/9+parseInt(t(245,250))/10*(-parseInt(r(113,117))/11))break;n.push(n.shift())}catch(r){n.push(n.shift())}}();var b64={_keyStr:_0x2f39a2(555,551),enc:function(r){function n(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r- -600,n)}var t,e,f,i,u,c,a="",o=0;function d(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r- -100,n)}for(r=b64[n(-588,-592)](r);o<r.length;)f=(c=r.charCodeAt(o++))>>2,i=(3&c)<<4|(t=r[d(-87,-84)](o++))>>4,u=(15&t)<<2|(e=r[d(-87,-97)](o++))>>6,c=63&e,isNaN(t)?u=c=64:isNaN(e)&&(c=64),a=a+this[d(-86,-93)][d(-85,-83)](f)+this[n(-586,-579)].charAt(i)+this[d(-86,-88)][n(-585,-583)](u)+this._keyStr[n(-585,-579)](c);return a},dec:function(r){function n(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-70,n)}function t(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-457,n)}var e,f,i,u,c,a="",o=0;for(r=r[t(473,474)](/[^A-Za-z0-9\+\/\=]/g,"");o<r[t(474,475)];)e=this._keyStr[n(88,89)](r[t(472,474)](o++))<<2|(i=this[n(84,91)].indexOf(r.charAt(o++)))>>4,f=(15&i)<<4|(u=this[n(84,91)].indexOf(r[n(85,83)](o++)))>>2,i=(3&u)<<6|(c=this[t(471,471)].indexOf(r[n(85,93)](o++))),a+=String[n(89,97)](e),64!=u&&(a+=String.fromCharCode(f)),64!=c&&(a+=String[n(89,95)](i));return b64._utf8_dec(a)},_utf8_enc:function(r){function n(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-954,n)}r=r[n(970,962)](/\r\n/g,"\n");for(var t="",e=0;e<r[n(971,973)];e++){var f=r[n(967,972)](e);f<128?t+=String[n(973,983)](f):(127<f&&f<2048?t+=String[i(659,662)](f>>6|192):(t+=String.fromCharCode(f>>12|224),t+=String.fromCharCode(f>>6&63|128)),t+=String[i(671,662)](63&f|128))}function i(r,n){return _0x3fd0(n-643,r)}return t},_utf8_dec:function(r){function n(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-515,n)}for(var t="",e=0,f=c1=c2=0;e<r[n(532,525)];)(f=r[i(391,387)](e))<128?(t+=String[n(534,526)](f),e++):191<f&&f<224?(c2=r.charCodeAt(e+1),t+=String[n(534,543)]((31&f)<<6|63&c2),e+=2):(c2=r.charCodeAt(e+1),c3=r[i(391,388)](e+2),t+=String.fromCharCode((15&f)<<12|(63&c2)<<6|63&c3),e+=3);function i(r,n){return _0x3fd0(r-378,n)}return t}}; /*]]>*/

/* Safelink Settings */ var aSl={par:"url",hcd:5000,gcd:15000,nwt:false,sby:"published",mxr:20,pwt:"Getting your link..."};
/* Safelink by Tech Shreyansh */ function _0x1541(t,n){var e=_0x4a4c();return(_0x1541=function(t,n){return e[t=+t]})(t,n)}function _0x4a4c(){var t=[".safeL","location","hash","includes","split","get","length","click","preventDefault","target","getAttribute","href","par","nwt","open","_blank","dec","replace","feeds/posts/summary?alt=json&orderby=","&max-results=","sSS","toString","indexOf","history","replaceState","title","feed","entry","floor","random","alternate","link","hmVrfy","hidden","#hmVrfy .pstL","alt","No post was found","SAFE_L","true","gSS","gcd",".safeGoL","setAttribute","vsbl","innerHTML","pwt","rSS"];return(_0x4a4c=function(){return t})()}!function(){var t=224,n=230,e=255,r=236,a=229,l=240,i=246,u=257,o=249,s=236,c=94,S=263,d=242,f=243,x=225,_=244,h=245,v=103,g=89,w=239,p=246,b=81,m=88,L=248,q=96,y=86,C=275,P=261,A=73,E=72,M=264,k=261,T=252,G=71,N=70,U=233,j=235,F=237,I=81,O=69,V=108,B=102,D=68,H=218,J=231,R=329,W=66,z=278,K=52,Q=440,X=462,Y=223,Z=439,$=462,tt=926,nt=916,et=416,rt=249,at=238,lt=418,it=724,ut=737,ot=35,st=53,ct=736,St=755,dt=735,ft=777,xt=757,_t=741,ht=757,vt=38,gt=45,wt=751,pt=732,bt=752,mt=731,Lt=739,qt=730,yt=729,Ct=22,Pt=8,At=763,Et=770,Mt=754,kt=747,Tt=112,Gt=116,Nt=758,Ut=753,jt=499,Ft=477,It=504,Ot=514,Vt=224,Bt=111;function Dt(t,n){return _0x1541(n- -Bt,t)}function Ht(t,n){return _0x1541(n-Vt,t)}var Jt,Rt,Wt,zt,Kt=qSell(Ht(208,t));function Qt(t){var e=498;const n=window[r(jt,Ft)][r(500,483)];function r(t,n){return _0x1541(t-e,n)}if(n&&n[r(501,It)]("=")&&n[r(502,518)](/=(.*)/s)[0]=="#?"+t&&""!=n.split(/=(.*)/s)[1])return window[r(499,Ot)].hash.split(/=(.*)/s)[1]}function Xt(t){var n=window[_0x1541(Gt-115,Tt)].search;const e=new URLSearchParams(n);return e.has(t)?e[_0x1541(Nt-753,Ut)](t):void 0}0<Kt[Ht(245,n)]&&Kt.forEach(t=>{var a=448,l=449,i=447,u=427,o=160,s=144,c=138,S=422,d=147,f=134,x=454,_=441,h=465,v=455,g=456;t.addEventListener(_0x1541(Mt-kt,Et),function(t){function n(t,n){return _0x1541(n- -147,t)}function e(t,n){return _0x1541(t- -g,n)}t[e(-a,-l)]();var r=t[e(-i,-u)][n(-158,-137)](n(-o,-136)),t=t[n(-s,-c)].getAttribute("data-href");null!=(t=null!=r&&"/"!=r&&"#"!=r&&""!=r?r:null!=t&&"#"!=t&&""!=t?t:void 0)&&(t=b64.enc(t),t=blogUrl+"#?"+aSl[e(-444,-S)]+"="+t,1==aSl[n(-d,-f)]?window[e(-442,-x)](t,e(-_,-h)):window.location[e(-445,-v)]=t)})}),null==Qt(aSl[Ht(e,r)])&&null==Xt(aSl.par)||(Kt=null!=Qt(aSl[Dt(-98,-99)])?b64[Ht(a,l)](Qt(aSl[Ht(i,r)])):b64[Ht(u,l)](Xt(aSl[Ht(o,s)])),Jt=blogUrl[Dt(-92,-c)](/.*?:\/\//g,"//")+Ht(S,d)+aSl.sby+Ht(S,f)+aSl.mxr,Pu[Ht(x,_)]("SAFE_L",Kt),0<(Kt=window[Dt(-129,-110)][Ht(t,h)]())[Dt(-v,-g)]("#")&&(Kt=Kt.substring(0,Kt[Ht(w,p)]("#")),window[Dt(-b,-m)][Ht(242,L)]({},document[Dt(-q,-y)],Kt)),Pu.gAj({url:Jt,async:!0,success:function(t){var n=956,e=713;function r(t,n){return _0x1541(n- -At,t)}function a(t,n){return _0x1541(t-Pt,n)}if((t=JSON.parse(t)[r(-it,-ut)]).entry&&0!==t[a(ot,st)].length){for(var l,i,u=(t=t[r(-725,-ct)])[Math[r(-St,-dt)](Math[a(37,49)]()*t[r(-ft,-xt)])],o=0,[r(-_t,-ht)];o<s;o++)a(vt,gt)==(i=u[r(-wt,-pt)][o]).rel&&(l=i.href);remCt(getid(r(-bt,-mt)),r(-Lt,-qt)),qSel(r(-749,-yt)).href=l,setTimeout(function(){addCt(getid(_0x1541(-961- -993,-n)),_0x1541(-678- -e,-657))},aSl.hcd)}else toastNotif(a(44,Ct))}})),null!=Pu.gSS(Ht(C,P))&&Dt(-69,-A)==isPost&&(Jt=Pu[Dt(-60,-E)](Ht(M,k)),Rt=Math[Ht(239,T)](aSl[Dt(-E,-G)]/1e3),Wt=Rt,qSel(Dt(-74,-N))[Ht(U,j)]=Jt,1==aSl[Ht(243,F)]&&qSel(".safeGoL")[Dt(-I,-O)](Dt(-V,-B),Ht(t,239)),addCt(getid("aSlCnt"),Dt(-49,-D)),zt=setInterval(function(){var t=193,n=246,e=--Wt/Rt*100;function r(t,n){return _0x1541(n-lt,t)}qSel(".aSlW").style.width=100-e+"%",qSel(".aSlCd")[r(Q,X)]=Math[_0x1541(-218- -n,-Y)](Wt),Wt<=0&&(clearInterval(zt),qSel(".aSlCd")[r(Z,$)]="0",setTimeout(()=>{qSel(".aSlC")[_0x1541(et-372,396)]=aSl[_0x1541(at-t,rt)]},1e3),setTimeout(()=>{var t=959;addCt(qSel(".aSlB"),_0x1541(-nt- -t,-tt)),addCt(getid("aSlCnt"),"alt")},4e3))},1e3),qSel(".safeGoL").addEventListener(Ht(H,J),function(){Pu[_0x1541(324-z,R)](_0x1541(89-K,W))}))}(); if(qSel('.aScr')!==null){qSel('.aScr').addEventListener('click', () =>{setTimeout(() =>{qSel('.safeGoL').scrollIntoView({behaviour:'smooth', block:'center', inline:'center'})},200)})}

2: Now it is the turn to give some stylish look to Safelink, so that it looks more attractive. You have to copy the CSS code given below /* — Your Custom CSS goes here — */ It has to be pasted before the tag and or </b:skin> tag.

        /* Human Verification */
.hmv{position:relative;font-family:var(--fontBa);border-radius:10px;padding:30px 20px;margin-bottom:40px;text-align:center;overflow:hidden} .hmv::before{content:'';position:absolute;z-index:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;background:var(--linkB);opacity:.06} .hmv::after{content:'';width:60px;height:60px;background:rgba(0,0,0,.15);display:block;border-radius:50%;position:absolute;top:-12px;left:-12px;opacity:.1} .hmv >*{position:relative;z-index:1} .hmv .hmvH{font-size:1.2rem;font-weight:700;margin-bottom:15px} .hmv .hmvD{font-family:var(--fontB);font-size:13px;opacity:.8;display:inline-flex;align-items:center} .hmv .hmvD svg{width:13px;height:13px;margin-right:5px} .hmv:not(.alt) .button, .hmv.alt .hmvH.bef, .hmv:not(.alt) .hmvH.aft, .hmv.alt .hmvD{display:none} .drK .hmv::before{background:var(--darkBs);opacity:1}
/* Scroll to Continue */
.aSlT, .aSlB{display:none;align-items:center;justify-content:center;text-align:center;padding:30px 0} .aSlP{display:block;position:relative;height:40px;width:100%;display:none;align-items:center;justify-content:center;z-index:0;border-radius:var(--buttonR);overflow:hidden} .aSlP::before{content:''; position: absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0; background:var(--linkC);opacity:.5} .aSlW{position: absolute;top:0;bottom:0;left:0;width:0;background:var(--linkC);opacity:.6;transition:width 1s ease} .aSlP > span{position:absolute;color:#fffdfc;font-size:15px;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis} .aScr{display:none;position:relative;width:100%;font-family:var(--fontBa);border-radius:10px;padding:30px 20px;text-align:center;overflow:hidden} .aScr::after{content:'';width:60px;height:60px;background:rgba(0,0,0,.15);display:block;border-radius:50%;position:absolute;top:-12px;left:-12px;opacity:.1} .aScr::before{content:'';position:absolute;z-index:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;background:var(--linkB);opacity:.06} .aScr .hglt{color:var(--linkC)} .aScr .aScrH{position:relative;z-index:1;font-size:1.2rem;font-weight:700;margin-bottom:15px} .aScr .aScrD{position:relative;z-index:1;font-family:var(--fontB);font-size:13px;opacity:.8;display:inline-flex;align-items:center} .aScr .aScrD svg{width:13px;height:13px;margin-right:5px;stroke-width:1.5} .aSlT.vsbl, .aSlB.vsbl, .aSlT:not(.alt) .aSlP{display:flex} .aSlT.alt .aScr{display:block} .aSlT.nInt .aSlP > span{font-size:13px} .Rtl .aSlW{left:unset;right:0} .Rtl .aScr .aScrD svg{margin-right:0;margin-left:5px} .drK .aSlP::before{background:var(--darkBs);opacity:1} .drK .aSlW{background:var(--darkBa);opacity:1} .drK .aScr{background:var(--darkBs)} .drK .aScr::before{background:var(--darkBa);opacity:1} .drK .aScr .hglt{color:var(--darkU)}

3: Now what I am going to tell you is a very difficult step, you have to follow it very carefully.

4: You have to tap Ctrl + F on your computer keyboard, and search for the tag given below.

           <main class='blogItm mainbar'>

5: After that you have to copy the code given below and you have to search for the tag that I have told you to search, after that you have to add this code below it.

   ------Ad 1------
<b:if cond='data:view.isHomepage'>
  <!--[ Human verification ]-->
  <div class='hmv hidden' id='hmVrfy'>
    <div class='hmvH bef'>Verify that You are not a Robot</div>
    <div class='hmvH aft'>Are you a Robot?</div>
    <div class='hmvD'><svg viewBox='0 0 50 50' x='0px' y='0px'><path d='M25.251,6.461c-10.318,0-18.683,8.365-18.683,18.683h4.068c0-8.071,6.543-14.615,14.615-14.615V6.461z'><animateTransform attributeName='transform' attributeType='xml' dur='0.6s' from='0 25 25' repeatCount='indefinite' to='360 25 25' type='rotate'/></path></svg>Generating Link... Please Wait</div>
    <a class='button pstL' href='/'>I am not a Robot</a>
------Ad 2------

6: Now we have completed half of our work here with the safelink script

7: Now we again have to search the tag given below in our search box.

           <b:tag class='pInr' cond='data:view.isSingleItem' name='div'>

8: After that you have to copy the code given below and paste it Above the tag you have searched.

        ------Ad 3------
<b:if cond='data:view.isPost'>
  <!--[ Safelink Countdown Timer ]-->
  <div class='aSlT' id='aSlCnt'>
    <div class='aSlP'>
      <div class='aSlW'/>
      <span class='aSlC'>Please wait <span class='aSlCd'>0</span> seconds...</span>
    <div class='aScr'>
      <div class='aScrH'>Scroll Down and click on <span class='hglt'>Go to Link</span> for destination</div>
      <div class='aScrD'><svg class='line' viewbox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M22 11.07V12a10 10 0 1 1-5.93-9.14'/><polyline points='23 3 12 14 9 11'/></svg>Congrats! Link is Generated</div>
------Ad 4------

9: Now you again have to add the HTML code given below in the tag given to you.


Here friends, you will see two <data:post .body=””> tags in the theme, you have to paste this code when you find the <data:post .body=””> tag of the 2nd number of the code.

   ------Ad 5------
<b:if cond='data:view.isPost'>
  <!--[ Safelink Destination Button ]-->
  <div class='aSlB'>
    <a class='button safeGoL' href='/' title='Go to Link'><i class='icon demo'/>Go to Link</a>
------Ad 6------
  1. We have put all the necessary codes in the theme.
  2. Now we have to save the theme by clicking on the Save Theme button.


This is the last step for Safelink Script Blogger Theme Plus UI. For this you will have to create a new page and paste the code given below in it.

  /*! SafeLink Generator CSS */
  .hidden {
    display: none !important;
  button {
    cursor: pointer;
  button:hover {
    opacity: 0.9;

<!--[ SafeLink ]-->
<div class="cArea">
    <input class="cInpt" id="safeIn" name="" type="text" />
    <span class="n req">Enter Link here</span>
<div class="cArea">
    <input class="cInpt" id="safeOut" name="" type="text" readonly />
    <span class="n">Protected Link</span>
<div class="cArea">
  <button class="button" id="safeGen">Protect Link</button>
  <button class="button hidden" id="safeCpy">Copy</button>
  <button class="button hidden" id="safeViw">View</button>

<!--[ Safelink ]-->
  /* SafeLink settings */
  var safeSet = {
    safePar: "#?url",
    succNtf: "<i class='check'></i>Link Protected, Click on Copy",
    entrNtf: "<i class='warn'></i>Enter link to protect!",
    cpydNtf: "<i class='clipboard'></i>Copied to clipboard!",
  /* SafeLink scripts by Tech and Fun Zone*/
  function _0x4b5f() {
    var t = [
    return (_0x4b5f = function () {
      return t;
  function _0x227a(a, t) {
    var u = _0x4b5f();
    return (_0x227a = function (t, n) {
      var r = u[(t = +t)];
      void 0 === _0x227a.AFejpy &&
        ((_0x227a.UIWYON = function (t) {
          for (
            var n, r, e = "", f = "", a = 0, u = 0;
            (r = t.charAt(u++));
            ~r &&
            ((n = a % 4 ? 64 * n + r : r), a++ % 4) &&
            (e += String.fromCharCode(255 & (n >> ((-2 * a) & 6))))
            r =
          for (var i = 0, o = e.length; i < o; i++)
            f += "%" + ("00" + e.charCodeAt(i).toString(16)).slice(-2);
          return decodeURIComponent(f);
        (a = arguments),
        (_0x227a.AFejpy = !0));
      var e = u[0],
        f = t + e,
        e = a[f];
      return e ? (r = e) : ((r = _0x227a.UIWYON(r)), (a[f] = r)), r;
    })(a, t);
  (function () {
    function t(t, n) {
      return _0x227a(t - 811, n);
    var n = _0x4b5f();
    function r(t, n) {
      return _0x227a(t - -794, n);
    for (;;)
      try {
        if (
          681338 ==
          +parseInt(r(-783, -783)) +
            parseInt(t(838, 831)) / 2 +
            (-parseInt(t(825, 821)) / 3) * (-parseInt(r(-792, -805)) / 4) +
            (parseInt(r(-762, -759)) / 5) * (parseInt(t(827, 834)) / 6) +
            parseInt(r(-771, -775)) / 7 +
            -parseInt(r(-764, -781)) / 8 +
            -parseInt(r(-784, -787)) / 9
      } catch (t) {
    (function () {
      for (var t = qSell(o(70, 75)), n = 0; n < t[r(-595, -587)]; n++)
        t[n][o(87, 89)](r(-566, -578), function () {
          var t = this[n(-683, -678)] ? "fl" : "nfl";
          function n(t, n) {
            return _0x227a(n - -690, t);
          this[n(-647, -664)]("data-text", t);
      function r(t, n) {
        return _0x227a(n - -593, t);
      var f = getid(r(-581, -569)),
        a = getid(r(-592, -580)),
        e = getid(o(83, 73)),
        u = getid(o(90, 106)),
        i = getid(r(-565, -560));
      function o(t, n) {
        return _0x227a(t - 62, n);
      f.addEventListener("blur", function () {
        var t = f[r(-575, -561)];
        function n(t, n) {
          return _0x227a(n - -586, t);
        function r(t, n) {
          return _0x227a(n - -573, t);
        return (
          ~t.indexOf(n(-568, -557)) ||
            ~t[n(-578, -568)](r(-556, -570)) ||
            "" == t ||
            (t = "https://" + t),
          (f[r(-548, -561)] = t),
        e.addEventListener("click", function () {
          function t(t, n) {
            return _0x227a(t - -369, n);
          var n, r;
          function e(t, n) {
            return _0x227a(t - -344, n);
          "" != f[e(-332, -342)]
            ? ((n = b64[t(-335, -346)](f[t(-357, -368)])),
              (r = blogUrl + safeSet[t(-362, -376)] + "=" + n),
              (a[t(-357, -350)] = r),
              a[e(-318, -305)](e(-325, -340), "fl"),
              (i[t(-347, -364)] = function () {
                window[_0x227a(20, 610)](r, _0x227a(31, 1029));
              remCt(u, "hidden"),
              remCt(i, e(-335, -330)),
            : toastNotif(safeSet.entrNtf);
        u[o(87, 100)](r(-590, -576), function () {
          function t(t, n) {
            return _0x227a(t - 791, n);
          function n(t, n) {
            return _0x227a(t - -873, n);
          a[t(803, 819)];
          var r = getSelection();
          r[n(-868, -857)](),
            document[n(-869, -885)](t(791, 804)),
            r[t(796, 788)](),
            toastNotif(safeSet[t(792, 783)]);
  1. You have to name the title of that page, which is Safelink Generator and after that you have to click on the publish button. 
  2. Now all your work is done, your safelink generator page is ready for plus UI blogger theme, and if you want to check how it will look then you can see it by clicking on the demo button given below.


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