How to Compress Image in Pc Without Lossing Quality

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First of all friends, welcome to Tech Shreyansh, today I will tell you how you can compress the image in your laptop or PC but even its original quality will remain the same, only the size of your image will be reduced here. But its quality will not decrease even a bit, the quality of your image will remain absolutely full HD.

Here I will tell you how you guys can do it from both PC, laptop and mobile phone, in today’s post I will tell you complete step wise step here. But whatever remains, you people have to watch and read carefully and understand in what way your image will be compressed and from which website it will be compressed.

Why do we compress images?

Friends, here it comes to the question of why we compress images, our image compressor software or websites are useful at many places, like when we fill any form, there we get the information about our image. The size that remains is 10 MB, then it reduces it to maximum 1 MB or 100 KB to 500 KB, here I will tell you about a software and two websites so that you can save your images.

Can compress. If you people want that software here then you can go to my Telegram and get it. And you people will get the link of the website directly here and you people will also get the direct link of the software available here, just simply click on it and it will go to my Telegram, there you can see the whole process. All you have to do is understand and follow all those steps and accordingly you can use the software again.

So friends, now let me tell you which software and websites through which you can compress your images in Full HD without losing quality.

RIOT Image Optimization Tool

So friends, first of all, take the RIOT image optimization Tool of our software or you can get it for free in its official website. This software is absolutely free, you can go there and see it and use it for your PC. ,

Riot’s software has a very simple interface and it takes very less time to compress the images, here you do not get to see any ads in it, this software is very It is very easy and runs very fast and the method of using it is also very easy.Friends, you can also get some plugins in this, you can see them and take them for your software, that too is absolutely free.

Step To Compress Image in RIOT Optimization Tool

Step 1: So friends, first of all you will see the interface of this type of RIOT Optimization Tool, here you all have to first click on the open option.

Screenshot 1 1

Step 2: Now you guys have to select any one image from your file whose image you want to compress. Here I select an image, you guys can see, I have put the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2

Step 3: Here friends, look at the image, I have set it, after that you will get an error like this, then here you people have to type yes, I have given you a screenshot below.

Screenshot 3

Step 4: Now here, as soon as you type on Yes, you will get to see a new pop up in which you people have to leave whatever you want there, you people do not have to do anything tampering there, only you people You have to type on OK, below I have shown you through the screenshot.

Screenshot 4

Step 5: Friends, here I have told you below that after doing all this, you will see the option of quality. You can keep the quality as per your choice of 67% or 50%. You can keep it there. And then you guys have to directly click on the save button and save the image in your desire folder.

Screenshot 5

So friends, I will tell you the whole process step by step on how to compress images with Riots software. If you people are facing any problem in this then please do tell by commenting. Now let us move on to our next website through which we He can complete the image through mobile.

How to Compress Images from TinyPNG Website

So friends, here I told you about a software above with which you can compress images. Now here comes the question of how Android users can compress images and that too without compromising the quality of the image. So here I will tell those people about a website which is a very amazing website, it also has a plugin on WordPress which is used by many bloggers.

Step to Compress Images

So friends, let me tell you how you can compress images from Tinify Png website, that too in step by step, I will tell you all the process, you just have to read this entire process carefully and understand it. You guys have to follow this thing

Step 1: Here friends, when you open the website, you will get the option to share the upload file, by clicking there you have to upload your file.

Screenshot 1 2

Step 2: Here friends, you will come to your folder of files, you have to select whatever investment you want to make, here I showed it to you, you can see it below.

Screenshot 2 1

Step 3: Here friends, you can see that our image is complete here and I have shown it there, you people have also been given the option below, in this way you people can compress the image.

Screenshot 3 1

Here friends, if you people want to get the API key of Tinify Png, then here I have given you the internal link, you can click on the Tinify Png and go to its developer website, from there you people can sign up and get its API key.


You friends, today I told you How with the help of a software and a website you can reduce the size of your image without losing quality. If you are facing any problem in this. If so, you can join us on Telegram channel and tell us your problem there or the comment box below is open, you can tell us your problem by commenting there also, I will try to help you all the way, just tell us whatever your problem is. Please tell me the matter properly and in detail.

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