How to Complaint Online for Uttar Pradesh Ration Card

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Hello friends, today I welcome you to this new post, here through this post I will tell you how you can complain about your ration card. Here through this post, I will tell you the entire process, and you will not face any problem in it. And if you face any problem then you can also call the Ration Card Customer Care Toll Free Number and inform them.

How to Register Complaint Online

So, hello friends, you must have read above that through today’s post I am going to teach you how you can complain online about your ration card. To complain online here, you need to know the process because if you make even a little mistake in this, then the officer who will call you from your district or block, that literature can also go somewhere else. People have to do the whole process correctly and also enter their mobile numbers correctly. So, let me tell you how you can complain online about your ration card. Here, you people do not face any problem.

You will not be able to complain online, once you have a complaint, you will get its redressal. Because friends, many times we have applied for ration cards here but did not get any solution for it, so for that, I will tell you the whole process through this article of how you people can solve this problem, so let’s go. Let us start today’s article.

Steps To Follow Complaint

  • First of all, you people have to search UP Ration Card on Google and here you people will be shown a website like this on the first or second number, I have told through a screenshot.
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  • I told you through the screenshot that you have to click on the link, then you will go to the website of Uttar Pradesh Fertilizer and Department and what you have to do there, now I am going to tell you all the steps.
  • After opening the website, you will see an icon for lodging a complaint on the right sidebar, you have to click on it.
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  • After clicking on lodge complaint, you will see a new page opening like this.
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  • When your new page opens, you people can see the image above the mark I have fixed below, so you people have to click on it.
  • Now when you people click on it, your complaint will open immediately but you have to write everything in your complaint which you have to fill your details correctly.
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So friends, here we have come to the complaint website, it is completely complete. Here you people see, you have to follow all your stamp sizes, here you people have to fill all the things that will be asked, as if you Let me tell you some things that you all have to fill.

In this, you people have to fill the mobile number of the complainant, the district, the area of the complainant, name, address, mobile number, email ID and his profession, what is his class, district, picture, everything and what is the subject of his complaint, that too you people have to fill it in this. If you have already filed a complaint then you have to enter the number of that complaint.

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In this, you guys have to put the details of your complaint. Whatever is the details of your complaint, for the ration card, you guys can write your complete complaint in it in 1500 words and below you guys have to put the captcha code box. After that you will get the option of enter, you people have to click on it, after that a rapist page will be created for you people, you people have to see it, I will show you how it will look through screenshot.


So friends, today I told you how you can complain about your ration card, if you are not able to get it, then I have told you the complete step by step, if you face any problem. So in that you can simply contact us on our Telegram channel. I hope that I can help you completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we go to this website to complain about ration card?

Ans. The answer is yes. Which website can you go to and complain for ration card if your ration card is not being made?

Q2. There may be a problem if you enter temporary mail or enter wrong details.

Ans. The answer to this is also that if you enter wrong details then your action will not be completed because if you get correct results then your action will be completed very quickly and you will get the solution for your ration card.

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