Google Adsense Revealed Her New Upcoming Changes For Publishers

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Hello friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you that recently a new change is coming in Google AdSense regarding the structures and payments model of revenue share. You will see this change from January itself in 2024, we The payment that was earlier received was for both clicks and impressions, but from now on, the new rule of AdSense is going to start from January, starting from 2024, you will not be paid for clicks, only for impressions. Google AdSense will give us money, Google feels that this update will provide payments to the users in a better way and their technology and way of monetizing will also become better.

It is written in the email sent by Google that the upcoming update of Google Ads will separate the clicks and impressions regarding the revenue share structure, in this the buy and sell site fees have been changed and The system of payments inventory has been made on impression,


This means that now whatever money is given to the publisher will be converted into ad impressions, not the money that is clicked on the ad, we will not get the money through Google Adsense, we will only be paid for the impressions, this is the claim by Google Ads. Regarding the update, it has been said that with this update, the payment structures will be better for publishers as they will be better than other Google products and third party platforms.

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Google Adsense Revealed Her New Upcoming Changes For Publishers

Google is bringing two new changes in Adjust 2024 which is also good for publishers

Google is not AdSense and has claimed that this special thing which is coming for us will be a different way and will improve our payment system and monetization technology even more so that we can buy and send our ads here. But whatever changes are coming, all the updates are coming from AdSense.

Some publishers will see differences regarding their payments, but all these updates are coming through Google Research.


The changes that are coming will become even better for publishers. Their earnings will be through Google products and the way they view data through third party platforms will also change and will become easier, and their work will become even better and faster.


Those who use AdSense get 80% of their revenue and some percentage is deducted from it. This thing also happens through Google and their third party platforms. is.

You can see, for example, if we run or buy ads on Google Ads or AdSense, they usually keep 15% of the ad spend, although this may be different depending on the actions you take. However, in the end our publishers get their money at 68% of the revenue.

And on the other hand, if we use any third party platform to show AdSense ads, then we get 80% of its revenue share and deduct the charges as per our own.


You people have to carefully read the announcement that has come from Google Adsense and if you people want more information about it, then I have given it to you people by interlinking it in the middle, you people can see it by clicking on are

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