'Ali Baba- Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2' Promo out: Abhishek Nigam as Ali Baba revealed in swag

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Friends, today I am going to tell all of you in full details about Ali Baba’s new style “Chapter 2”. In the future, why will the characters come in the character of new “Ali Baba”. Who else will be in the role of the new “Ali Baba”.

Friends, Abhishek Nigam is working as the new Ali Baba, who has currently worked in “Hero Gayab Mode On”, he has got a lot of fame at a very young age. His two sisters, who are also twins, have also worked in “Hero Gayab Mode On”. And his younger brother Abhishek Nigam has also worked with him in “Hero Gayab Mode On”.

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Why Sheezan Khan was removed from the show?

Friends, we cannot tell the main reason for the removal of Sheejan Khan here, but where the recording of the show takes place, which was the shooting of “Ali Baba Dastanein Kabul Chapter 1”, something happened because of which Sheejan Khan was removed from the show. was removed. And in his place its new “Chapter 2” has started. Everyone must have seen the new “Ali Baba” last night. In this, along with the new “Ali Baba”, new Marjina will also be seen. But it has not yet been decided that who will play the role of Marjina, we will let you know as soon as we get to know about the new Marjina.

Will Abhishek Nigam be able to play this character “Ali Baba”

So friends, Abhishek Nigam is perfect for this role. He played such a good role in “Hero Gayab Mode On” that the audience also liked it very much. Friends, Abhishek Nigam should have been selected for the show “Ali Baba”. Because where it was a matter of his action and acting role, there was no answer to that.

Friends, if you want to watch this show and you guys like this show, then all you have to do is Install from Play Store Sony LIV in your phone and register your number and login. Friends, you have to search in the search bar “Ali Baba” and you will see this show at the top, now you have to click on it and watch whatever episode you want. You can watch that episode by clicking on it or if you want to watvh it offiline the You Have to make episode into your File Manger Folder after that you will watch it, offline.

How did the new Ali meet the new face?

Friends, you all know that it is shown in the show that “Ali” is saving Maryam. They lose their face and because of which they cannot get their old face again and they have to be given a new face and the person who gave them a new face was also that sadhu whom Maryam had met long ago, so friends, do a new story like this. It is written in “Chapter 2” and let’s see what new turn this new face takes in the life of “Ali” and what new trouble this new face brings, for this friends you have to watch daily “Ali Baba” in a new style. In’ Chapter 2″

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