Ads Setup Custom Code To Set Manual Ads In Blogger and WordPress Posts

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So, today I am going to tell all of you friends that how all of you can increase your Adsense CPC, Satyar, and especially Adsense revenue and money in 2023. Friends, you will get complete information about this in this post, you will read carefully.

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Whatever step is necessary, I am going to tell you how you can apply manual aids in Blogger and WordPress. So that there will be different types of ads shows for both desktop and mobile, friends, this is not going to affect your site. You all know that nowadays bloggers and people who run the website. They all expect how to increase our Adsense earnings, how to increase its traffic, CPC and its earnings. So friends, I have told you all the things below, how to increase the CPC rate and its revenue with Google Adsense.

How we Add HTML Code On Blogger

Friends, you have to enter an HTML code in blogger and I will send you step by step how to enter it. Step

Step1:- First of all you have to login to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2:- After that where you have to add AIDS. To do

Step 3: – Now you have to copy and paste the code given below there

            <div class="desktopx">

        //Place your ad code here


<div class="mobilex">

       //Place your ad code here


Step 4:- On this you have been given “Place Your Ad Code Here” in the middle, on which you have to add your Ad Code of Essence.

How We Add HTML Code on WordPress

Friends, now it comes to the point that how will you add the HTML code of Adsense in WordPress, friends, first I would like to tell you that the HTML code I have given you above. You have to copy it, after that the whole step is the same which I have mentioned in the blogger.

How Can Add CSS Code in Blogger

Friends, now you have been given a CSS code, here I will tell you how you will enter this CSS code. on your blogger site.

Step 1:- First of all you have to login to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2: – After that you have to click on the theme section.

Step 3:- Friends, you have to click on Edit HTML. This will show all the code of your theme, now you have to tap CTRL + F, after that you will get the search option.

Step 4:- You have to search this tag </b:skin>, after that I have given a side below and paste it just above it.

.desktopx{ display:block; } .mobilex{ display:none; } @media (max-width: 768px) { .desktopx{ display:none;} .mobilex{ display:block; } }

Step 6:- Friends, after pasting the code, now you have to save it by clicking on save. After this, when you will put your ads in HTML, friends, you will be able to see that your ads will show something else on desktop and something else on mobile. Friends, this will increase your earning a lot.

How We Add CSS Code on WordPress

Friends, you have to go to the option of Additional CSS to add it to WordPress. I have told below how you will get this option.

Step 1:- First of all friends you will see the option of theme section.

Step 2:- Now you will see many options there but you just have to click on Customization and then you have to let it open.

Step 3:- Friends, now you will see that you will get the option of Additoonal Css below, then you have to paste this CSS code by clicking on it and save it.

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